★ Diddlebug新的版本,释出!

Diddlebug是palm上最好的免费软件之一,在停止更新的四年后,终于收到它的第一次更新。在中断了一段很长时间后,运行在开源工程上的Diddlebug开始重新开发,现在新的开发者刚刚释出了新的版本。Diddlebug是一个电子便签程序。它允许你用笔在它上面潦草的书写还可以设定提醒让你不忘记你所写的便签或其它东西。这个新的版本修正了很多旧版本上的错误,还提供了五种导航方式的支持,还能与最Tero 600/650/680和最新的Centro相兼容。

原文:One of the best Palm OS freeware apps just recently received its first update in nearly four years. Work on the open source Diddlebug program has picked up after a long hiatus and the new developers have just released a new version. Diddlebug is essentially an e-post it note application. It allows you to scribble notes on your Palm device using the stylus (or finger) and set alarms and reminders for each note with ease. The new version features numerous bug-fixes, proper 5-way navigation support and compatibility with the latest Palm devices including the Treo 600/650/680 and Centro devices.